Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thinking about honor.

Honor was never really something I thought about. Especially when it comes to the political system. Being from Chicago, the land of corrupt politicians it had really hardened me from looking at the political system as something God wants apart in. I had so many things in my heart that would seep out of my mouth. I was very much a person about justice. A " finally they are reaping what they have sown" or " finally they got Found out and are in prison "

About a year and half ago God really started to talk to me about honor. There are positions of authority that come with power. And wether the person that is in the position understands their authority or not I still have to honor them. 

Scarlett has recently been obsessed with lions. We have been reading " Daniel and the lions den" 
It got me thinking. I used to read this thru justice. Like " yes, Daniel got justice for himself!" when really Daniel showed honor to a king who never deserved it, who had actually violently besiged Daniels homeland changed his name and took him as personal slave. Daniel showed love, honor and compassion continuously to Nebuchadnezzar. When he was in the lions den and Nebuchadnezzar came to see if he was alive the first thing out of Daniels mouth was " oh King, Live forever!"  Could I say this to someone who had slaughtered my nation, and then intentionally and unintentionally attempted murder upon me and three of my friends?

Oh king, live forever. No, I don't think that could have been my response. I think I would have been like, " I'm alive you moron, only because of my God. Will you please let me leave and leave me alone"

But no. Daniel showed honor, loved and served. He did not agree with the King, but he honored him. This is how God had access to change the heart of the king. To show Himself  mighty and strong.

What about David- as he was running from a wild bitter murderous King, he showed honor. He had plenty of opportunities to kill Saul and step into his rightful place as king. Even God had given him opportunity to kill Saul and everyone with him said " look at the opportunity you have to kill him and take your place as king, God has done this"  David only cut off a piece of his robe. ( 1 Samuel 24:4-6)
The amazing thing is that just cutting off a piece of his robe just killed David. It says " his heart smote him"

These men were written about and have been recorded for all to know about, and to show us pictures of Gods heart. David is said to be a man after God's heart. Jesus will sit on" the throne of David"

I think that God values this. His heart would rather see a man changed thru love than condemned continuously. Love and honor changes the heart of someone. It loves them into their purpose, it shows them who they really are. If we did lots of honoring, lots of loving out of the love and wisdom if God ( not from " because its moral or good"). This is not kissing butt to get ahead, it's honest and true, ONLY able to happen because of the Holy Spirit. I've been wondering for myself if I just shut my mouth, asked how to act. Listened to what people needed and honored them, spoke words of life and wisdom from heaven, where would God allow me to go? Would he put me in tough places? Would he place me in situation I never would imagine?

Honor is important. It's a choice.
It changes kings, it changes nations
It has to start everyday

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